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1 stop shopping for Heat Transfer, Sign Making and Digital Printing needs sells Heat Transfer Products for T-shirt and garment industry. With the huge amount of sales of Silhouette Cameo and the CriCut craft cutters, we are selling 1000's of sheet everyday for these machines. Vinyl Cutters and Vinyl Cutter supplies for the Heat Transfer and Sign Making businesses; Our top brands are PerfecPress Soft, PerfecPress Glitter, Siser Easyweed, Chemica Revolution, ThermoFlex Plus, Grapgtec Vinyl Cutters, FlexiSign Software, GCC Vinyl Cutters, Hotronix Heat Presses, GeoKnight Heat Presses. For Adhesive Vinyl we have our American Made PerfecCut Craft Vinyl. This product has the same facefilm as German made Oracle 651 Adhesive vinyl.

Heat Transfer Products - Vinyl Cutters, Heat Presses, Rhinestones

Heat Transfer Products include: PerfecPress Soft, PerfecPress Glitter, PerfecPress Stretch Metallic Soft Foil, for a total of 13 produts in our PerfecPress line. Also EasyWeed, Easyweed Extra, EasyWeed Stretch, GlitterPrint HTV, Custom Print Patterns, Chevron HTV Pattern, Camo HTV Patterns, 1000's of other HTV Patterns, ThermoFlex Plus, ThermoFlex Xtra, ThermoFlex Neons, EZWeed, Particle Glitter, Thermo-Sport, Fashion Thermo Film, Metallic Heat Transfer Material, Reflective Safety Film, Fashion 2mm Rhinestones, 3mm Rhinestones, 4mm Rhinestones, 5mm Rhinestones, Rhinestone Decal Film, Rhinestone Software, R-Wear Studio Rhinestone software, Rhinestone Stencil Film, Sticky Flock. JSI carries over 100 other products for the heat transfer business like Silhouette Cameo, Vinyl Cutters, Heat Press Equipment, Teflon pillows, Teflon Heat Press covers, weeding tools and more.

Sign Making Supplies and Sign Making Equipment

JSI has sold sign supplies and sign making equipment over 20 years including: vinyl cutters, Flexi Sign software, WinPCSIGN software, rhinestone software, Silhouette Cameo, GCC Expert vinyl cutters, GCC Puma Vinyl Cutters, GCC Jaguar vinyl cutters, Graphtec CE vinyl cutters, Graphtec FC8000 vinyl cutters. Sign making transfer tape, sign vinyl, cast sign vinyls, magnetic material, vinyl application fluids, application squeegees, OLFA knives, blank banners, X banner stands, retractable banner stands, Roland Camm-1 blades, Graphtec vinyl cutter blades, Ioline vinyl cutter blades, and so much more.

Digital Printers/Cutters - Solvent Digital Vinyl - Perfect Print

Roland VersaCamm Digital Printer/Cutters changed the industry several years ago. JSI solvent digital vinyls like PerfecPrint are a huge hit. JSI sells solvent banner rolls as low as $0.15 psf, solvent vinyls with gray adhesive, solvent vinyls with black adhesive, solvent wrap vinyls with air release adhesive, 6 mil solvent vinyls for easy application, repositional solvent wall materials, fabric wall material, anti-curl solvent films for roll-up banner stands, Clear Focus window perf, JSI window perf, matte 3 mil laminates, gloss 3 mil laminates, solvent floor vinyls and floor laminates, solvent canvas material, static cling for Miamki Printers, Back lit films for Mutoh Printers and many other solvent printable products.

Inks, Solvent Inks - Roland and Triangle Inks

Triangle EDX ink and RXV inks are perfect substitute for Roland Max and MAX2 inks, Triangle EDX and RXV solvent ink comes in 440 ml cartridges for 30% discount. Triangle EDX and RXV comes in 440 ml cartridges and 1000 ml bottles. Triangle EDX and RXV can be used with JSI refillable 440ml cartridges for the Roland Versacamm Printers, Mutoh solvent printers.